How to measure a child for a bike

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Whether you’re buying a child’s very first bike or progressing to buy their second, third, fourth bike, we can help you pick the right size bike for a child with our Bike Size Chart below.

Ordering a bike online is easy when you use our guide, and it means that Christmas and Birthday presents genuinely come as a surprise to the recipient, as well as a delight to the person who’s ordering the bike, as our bikes come 80% assembled for you and are checked by a technician before dispatch!

Back to sizing . . .

Bike Wheel Size – Why is it important?
Children need to be able to sit comfortably on their bike so they can cycle safely and confidently.
So as an example, you can see from our guide below that
14” wheel size suits most 3-5yr olds
16” wheel size suits most 5-6yr olds
24” wheel size suits most 9-11yr olds
26” wheel size suits most 11+yr olds

Childs Height – Why do I need to measure them?
A child needs to be able to place their feet on the floor when they’re sat on their new bike. So, measure the child’s height, cross-reference with their age from our Bike Size Chart below, and you’ll be able to easily identify the right wheel size that you need and then choose a bike for your child!

If you have any questions or need some extra help, please get in touch as we’re happy to help

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