Should You Ride An Electric Bike?

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Pros and Cons of E-Bikes

Electric bikes are on the rise worldwide for good reason. Besides being a great way to tackle tough roads and long commutes, e-bikes are also perfect for cruising about and taking in sights.

Should you ride an electric bike or a traditional bicycle? The choice depends on your needs — use the list of e-bike pros and cons below to help you decide.

Pros of riding an electric bicycle

Pedal assist saves energy, opens up new territory

The beauty of riding an electric bicycle lies in your newfound ability to explore further afield than you did on a normal bicycle. Use your e-bike to increase distances, summit that challenging hilltop, or cruise about town on a Sunday.

Save the world by opting to use your e-bike instead of a car

E-bikes are the ultimate in green technology. They're compact, operate on electricity, and generate zero emissions

Commute to the office without the sweat!

Bicycle commuters traditionally show up to the office tired, sweaty, and dishevelled. E-bike commuters, in contrast, arrive fresh, neat, and ready for the work day.

Gain fitness in a fun way!

Normal bicycles demand intense effort as you churn the pedals forward. In contrast, electric bicycles help you burn calories without putting in superhuman cycling performances.

Cons of riding e-bikes

If weight is a factor...

Anyone with a flight of stairs to climb to the home or office might not appreciate the added weight of an e-bike.

Don't forget to charge up!

E-bikes have a limited range up to about 40 miles, requiring you to plan your ride carefully so that you don't end up stranded.

Not travel-friendly!

Unlike a traditional road bike, you can't pack up and carry your e-bike onto a plane flight due to lithium battery restrictions.

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